What is the market prospect of zinc oxide

It is understood that zinc oxide production can mainly be used as paint, white pigment in paint; It is also used as catalyst in chemical production; It can also be made into medical ointment, adhesive tape, dental filler, etc; It is a white amphoteric oxide insoluble in water, commonly known as zinc white.
UVB in sunlight can cause skin burns, pigmentation and even skin cancer. The production of nano zinc oxide can effectively shield UVA and is widely used in sunscreen cosmetics.
With the development of science and technology. The production of zinc oxide can also be used as additives, vulcanizing activators, reinforcing agents, colorants, etc. in the rubber and tire industry. It can be seen that the application range of zinc oxide is very wide.
The extensive production and use of zinc oxide also effectively shows that the market prospect of zinc oxide is very promising.