Advantages of adding nano zinc oxide to feed

Nanometer zinc oxide is a new type of functional micro inorganic chemical material. Nanometer zinc oxide is more expensive than conventional zinc oxide. It has the characteristics of cheap and easy to get raw materials, high melting point, good thermal stability, good electromechanical coupling, good luminous performance, excellent catalytic performance and UV shielding performance, and has a wide range of uses. So let's learn about the advantages of adding nano zinc oxide to feed!


Advantages of adding nano zinc oxide to feed


Benefits of adding nano zinc oxide to feed

1) Adding nano zinc oxide to feed can improve biological activity

The size of nano zinc oxide particles is small, which can greatly improve the bioavailability of feed materials. It can penetrate tissue gaps, pass through small blood vessels in the body, and has a very wide distribution in the body. Compared with other zinc sources, it has higher biological activity.

2) Adding nano zinc oxide to feed will improve the absorption rate

Due to the particle size and fineness, the particle size decreases, the number of surface atoms increases rapidly, the surface area exposed to the medium increases, and the animal absorption and utilization rate increases. The study of De sai mice showed that the absorption rate of 100 nm particles was 10-250 times higher than that of other large particles.

3) Adding nano zinc oxide to feed can improve antioxidation

It has strong chemical activity, and its main mechanism is that nano zinc oxide generates conduction band electrons and valence band holes under light conditions, which can react with a variety of organic substances and organic substances in bacteria to kill most bacteria and viruses. Qualitative test showed that when the concentration was 1%, the bactericidal rate of glucococcus flavus within 5 minutes was 98.86%, and it reacted with H2O or OH ions adsorbed on the surface to generate highly oxidizing hydroxyl, killing cells. The bactericidal rate of Escherichia coli was 99.93%.

4) Adding nano zinc oxide to feed will improve safety

Feed additives not only endow animals with no drug resistance, but also absorb their own large specific surface area, mycotoxins produced in the process of feed mildew, so that animals can eat mouldy feed without causing pathological conditions and being absorbed by animals' gastrointestinal tract.

5) Adding nano zinc oxide to feed can enhance immune regulation ability

It can obviously stimulate the cellular, humoral and non-specific immune functions of the body, and enhance the disease prevention and disease resistance function of the animal body.

6) Adding nano zinc oxide to feed can reduce environmental pollution and eliminate pesticide residues

With large specific surface area, it can effectively absorb ammonia, sulfur dioxide, methane, organic phosphorus pesticides and organic matters in wastewater, purify the air and wastewater of the breeding farm, timely absorb and degrade the odor of the breeding farm, and use highly absorbed ultraviolet light for photocatalytic degradation to protect the surrounding environment.

7) Adding nano zinc oxide to feed can promote and regulate animal metabolism

Through its absorption and utilization, it can cause changes in zinc containing enzyme level, zinc related hormone secretion, zinc lipoprotein, etc. Improve the nitrogen utilization efficiency of animals, reduce nitrogen excretion in feces and urine, promote protein synthesis by affecting the synthesis and level of insulin, sex hormone and zinc finger protein, and reduce nitrogen pollution to the environment, which can improve the production performance of animal breeding.

The above introduction is about the advantages of adding nano zinc oxide to feed. If you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!