What are the advantages of nano zinc oxide?

High zinc has the function of promoting growth and preventing diarrhea, but when it is used, it will also cause a series of problems such as residual environmental pollution in livestock and poultry. However, compared with traditional zinc oxide products, this nano zinc oxide introduced today has large specific surface area and high chemical activity.

If nano zinc oxide is used, environmental pollution can be reduced. In fact, when the content of zinc oxide in the feed exceeds the standard, not only does zinc oxide itself not play a full role, but also affects the absorption of other nutrients, such as copper, iron and other minerals. Elements, you should know that these substances cannot be digested, absorbed and used by animals. They are excreted with feces, resulting in excessive metal content in the soil, which will seriously pollute the environment. On the other hand, due to the large specific surface area of nano zinc oxide, it can effectively adsorb ammonia, sulfur dioxide, methane, organophosphorus pesticides and organics in wastewater, and also uses high-strength adsorption ultraviolet light for photocatalytic degradation. Materials can purify the air and wastewater of the farm and protect the surrounding environment. In addition, as a feed additive, nano zinc oxide can also absorb mycotoxins produced in the process of feed mildewing depending on its large surface area. It has strong biological activity and high absorption rate. The grain size of nutrients is an important factor affecting gastrointestinal absorption. The research shows that we also find that the particle size is less than 5 μ M particles can directly enter the lungs; Particles smaller than 300 nm can enter the blood circulation; Particles smaller than 100 nm can enter bone marrow. Nanoparticles can directly pass through the gastrointestinal membrane, greatly improving their bioavailability.

When nano zinc oxide is used, it can also promote and regulate the metabolism of animal body. The body changes zinc related enzymes, hormones and zinc finger proteins through high absorption and utilization of nano zinc oxide; Nanometer zinc oxide can also affect the synthesis and level of insulin, sex hormone and zinc finger protein. In this case, naturally promote protein synthesis, improve nitrogen utilization efficiency of animals, reduce nitrogen excretion in feces and urine, and reduce nitrogen pollution to the environment. Improve the production performance of animal breeding. Of course, its oxidation resistance is very high. It should be known that nano zinc oxide has strong chemical activity when it is used, and can oxidize with a variety of organic substances, thus killing most bacteria and viruses. Nanometer zinc oxide has very strong antioxidant and free radical scavenging capacity. In this case, it can naturally reduce toxic peroxides into harmless hydroxyl compounds, eliminate free radicals, protect the structure and function of cell membranes, and repair molecular damage.

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